Nerdy Things

A verbose listing of my various past works.


January 2013

My changes to ROPGadget have been merged back into the official ROPgadget release as v4.0.0.


A client for walking/browsing the Bittorrent DHT written in python.

LLVM Piet Compiler

August 2012

A compiler for Piet using LLVM as a backend.

Image Carver

May 2012

An implementation of content aware image resizing (otherwise known as "seam carving") using min-cut/max-flow graph cuts.


March 2012

Lan-Tunes is a collaborative, democratic media server written in python.

Photobucket Feed

October 2011

An animated visualization of the newest images uploaded to Photobucket.

Markov Sentence Generator

A random sentence generator using and abusing Markov Chains.

Piet Programming... Help?

September 2011

A simple Piet program and notes for an aspiring Piet programmer.


August 2011

FreeBencode is a simple and free python bencode/bdecode library.

Fractal Image Compressor

June 2011

A Fractal Image Compression program written in C++ that uses triangular regions of the image.


April 2011

piet-brainfuck is a brainfuck interpreter that is written in Piet. It was compiled from foogol source using my own npiet-mod (which is a derivative of Erik Schoenfelder's fantastic Piet program suite npiet).

Adventures in Piet

A collection of old Piet programs that I made while I was a freshman in High School.

Simple PHP Pingback

A simple pingback mechanism I wrote a while ago in PHP.


npiet-mod is a modification/derivative of Erik Schoenfelder's fantastic piet program suite npiet.

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